It's going to rain fire this time (Gen 9:15, II Peter 3:10-14) for our Elohim is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29).
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Click here for a brief statement about what this site teaches. All Scripture listed is from the 1917 Scofield King James Bible but putting the True Names and Title (Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua) back in where Lord, God and Jesus respectively appear, generally, as per the 1963 Holy Name Bible with notations in the lectures where references differ in each Bible.

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Dr. Kinley

Elohim the Archetype (Original) Pattern of Everything

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Dr. Henry C. Kinley wrote this 2nd edition of this textbook EXCEPT FOR:  sections as noted in it, the section on Ps. 119, and all of Vol. III.

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This textbook, first published in 1961 was sent to leaders of countries and religions all over the world with an invitation to refute anything in it.  There were no refuters.

Also starting in the early 60's missions were sent around the world (to different locations) to preach the True Gospel including in the Vatican where it was stated, "I see you teach in the true name of the Father," in response to the fact the name of Yahweh was used in the lecture.  A short time after the textbook went to the Vatican the Vatican II Council was called and changes made to attempt to shore up problems with the Roman Catholic Church which especially Volumn 4 of the textbook pointed out.  One such problem that they cannot address because it deals with the supposed genesis of the Roman Catholic Church: the Bible narratives in the New Testament clearly show when and where Peter the Apostle was after the death, burial and resurrection of Yashua the Messiah: at the end of his life, Peter was in Babylon not in Rome as claimed by the Roman Catholic Church which wrongly says the first Pope was Peter in Rome.

Volume 3 of the textbook clearly shows that the structure and function of the human body conforms to the Tabernacle Pattern in a profound statement of how we are created in the image of Yahweh Elohim (Gen 1:27), and indeed the entire universe conforms to this same three-fold yet one Tabernacle Pattern (Ps 19:1-4), a pattern of heavenly things (Heb. 8:5) which was so important that Moses was told to make it exacly as he was instructed on his second trip up to Mount Sinai (Ex 25: 8 &9).  In conjunction with the physical creation (Romans 1:19 & 20) the Tabernacle Pattern proves who Yahweh is and how our Father in Heaven operates to bring forth His purpose (Eph 1:9&10): through His two manifestations as incorporeal Yahweh Elohim (seen only in a vision and understood only by a revelation - Numbers 12:6) and as Yahshua the Messiah.  Through thousands of years this pattern operates to show by blood, water, and spirit physical witnesses (Ist John 5:8 KJ) that Yahweh is salvation (this is what the name Yahshua means).  The 3-fold unified Tabernacle Pattern shows how Yahweh (Most Holy Place) manifested as Yahweh Elohim (Holy Place) and manifested as Yahshua the Messiah (Court Round About), operating in His transubstantiating ability ("I will be what I will to be" Ex 3:14), to bring forth His purpose (Eph 1:9&10), and these three (the Father-Yahweh, the Son-Yahweh Elohim, and the Holy Spirit-Yahshua (John 14:26) bear record in heaven (Ist John 5:7 KJ).

Understanding, knowing, that one must preach using the Old Testament stories (Is 8:20) to show forth the institution of Yahweh's purpose, pattern and plan and seeing the fulfillment of that by by Himself manifested as Yahshua the Messiah (Matt 3:15, 5:17, Luke 24:44) is to prove beyond a shadow of doubt who He is (since Pentecost present in physical bodies as the Holy Spirit) and believing it is how one becomes part of His bride, His assembly, His body and thus able to receive His guidance, His mercy, and His comfort while yet in a physical body during this 4th age or world of His physical creation that was spoken in by Himself as the Word, Yahweh Elohim, which was purposed by Yahweh in eternity and pure spirit before He took on shape and form to perform it ("...and these 3 are 1," Ist John 5:7; John 17:3 - eternal life is to KNOW THIS).  At the appointed time (prophetic hour) He stepped into His creation as Yahshua (which means Yahweh is salvation) to give eternal spiritual life to those preordained, called and chosen, to receive it by grace, not by any physical works or self-righteousness,  who believe the report of the Gospel, the good news of His death, burial, and resurrection to provide the perfect sacrifice for our fleshly sins, to fulfill the Mosaic Law (physical first covenant) and to prove that there is life beyond the grave, thus robbing Satan of his greatest tool to bring terror to Yahweh's appointed children.  Finally, breaking His spiritual body for us to receive Him as the Holy Spirit in our souls so that our bodies are His temple only and no longer have the abomination of desolation sitting in our Most Holy Place - our mind in which all sins are first conceived by influence of the Mystery of Iniquity (Satan and his cohorts or demons/fallen angels) until Yahshua takes His rightful place in our minds and heart.  HALLELUYAH! All praises be to Yahweh!


Teaching the original Divine vision and revelation given to Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1931 in Ohio USA as prophesied in Hab. 2:2.
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