It's going to rain fire this time (Gen 9:15, II Peter 3:10-14) for our Elohim is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29).
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Click here for a brief statement about what this site teaches. All Scripture listed is from the 1917 Scofield King James Bible but putting the True Names and Title (Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua) back in where Lord, God and Jesus respectively appear, generally, as per the 1963 Holy Name Bible with notations in the lectures where references differ in each Bible.

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Perhaps the most important new testament verses regarding the life tests that we go through are Hebrews 12:5--8 where we clearly learn that Yahweh corrects His sons. We go through tests for reasons that the Holy Spirit knows are for our edification.
(5) And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, "My son, despise not thou the chastening of Yahweh, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him: (6) For whom Yahweh loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth (Pro 3:11-12)." (7) If ye endure chastening, Yahweh dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? (8) But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

Just as the Israelites proved for 1490 years that they could not be righteous, keep the Old Covenant given to them by Yahweh, we are chastised precisely to show us that we are not righteous, to teach us lessons so that we can come to a knowledge that we need a Savior. Moreover, we are promised He won't give us more than we can bare and that He will provide an escape when temptation threatens us (I Cor 10:13). The escape may take awhile to appear as we go through whatever we must to learn, to gain resolve, to see the folly of that which tempts us but if we have faith and we wait for it, the escape will appear, often miraculously. Tests not only show us where we err but also prove our faith and strengthens it when the escape happens.

Even the Son of Man, Yahshua the Messiah who was Yahweh manifested in a physical body that came through the virgin Mary, was tested. After receiving baptism from John the Baptist (Matt 3:11-17) because He was a Jew and called to do so under the Old Covenant as a part of fulfilling or putting an end to that covenant (Col 2;14), He went into the wilderness and was tempted by Satan himself for 40 days (Matt 4:1-11). Since, unlike all other human beings, He was the Holy Spirit personified (John 14:26), He was able to NOT yield His body to Satan's temptations and thus we can clearly see that we can only be free of sin by having the Holy Spirit within us which comes unto us once we have faith in His perfect sacrifice for sin in our behalf. He died that death so that we can live on in eternity with Him, in His spiritual body, rather than in darkness. Realizing Who that was in that sinless body put on the cross creates faith (Heb 11:1), a requirement that Yahweh makes for us to be saved spiritually (Heb 11:6). Getting the evidence is a matter of learning the knowledge of the gospel (I Cor 15:3-8) by seeing the witnesses for it, seeing Yahshua the Messiah, in the Bible and in the physical realm. There are many witnesses, a cloud of them in fact (Heb 12:1) that we can learn about and as we learn, the tests we go through become more and more ones of faith than of chastisement. Faith is a gift (Eph 2:8; John 6:29), many look but do not see, many listen but do not hear.

When we begin to learn the gospel we are told we will be persecuted (Mat 13:21; Mark 4:17; Acts 8:1, 11:19, 13:50; Rom 8:35, II Cor 12:10, II Thess 1:4; II Tim 3:11 & 12). Indeed some persecution is unto the death as in the case of Stephen (Acts 7 which ends in Stephen's physical death by stoning). He is said to not have felt those stones, instead having a vision, and then to have "fallen asleep" which was what Yahshua Himself often called physical death making clear that there was an awakening, a resurrection of the soul, after physical death. Some people don't believe in a resurrection and often they think that what is taught in the Bible is that only the good are resurrected when, in fact, everyone shall be resurrected, good and bad, and receive their just rewards for their deeds in the flesh (Rev 20:11-13).

The whole idea of accepting Yahshua's sacrifice in our behalf is that His totally righteous blood will cover those who believe on Him so that they appear righteous, to Yahweh Who provided this salvation, even though their lives before having the Holy Spirit, which requires faith, was full of deeds worthy of death, spiritual death, or assignment to the realm of darkness forever. The tests we go through are to prepare us to receive the TRUTH of the gospel, to render us humble enough to be able to see and hear and thus receive the evidence, the witnesses, so that we might have faith and be saved. Once saved we suffer persecution at the hands of the world because there is a spiritual warfare going on (Eph 6:11-19), which most people are not even aware of, a war between Yahshua and Satan, and since Yahshua, who is Yahweh Elohim in a physical body, created the angel Lucifer who became Satan it is a forgone conclusion who will win that war. Our part is to go through the tests that make us able to see our need for salvation and thus receive the Holy Spirit when we have faith in Yahshua, providing willing instruments and Ambassadors in the physical realm taking in our bodies the Savior of all Mankind with us wherever we go as we walk on in Yahweh's purpose toward glorification in the New Earth State spoken of by Peter (II Pet 3:13)

Teaching the vision and revelation given to Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1931 in Ohio USA as prophesied in Hab. 2:2. His teaching of it being the sounding of the 7th Angel prophesied in Rev. 10:7.
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