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Yahweh's Plan

Built in the physical: Key-Ops (Cheops), the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Resource: "Panoramic Vision" by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley."
In a nutshell: Key-Ops is our Creator Yahweh Elohim’s concrete 3D monument (Is 19:19) dedicated in the earthplane to Yahweh's ethereal Plan for the creation which He developed in Spirit in eternity.  Key-Ops shows forth a structural outline of Yahweh's Divine Plan, Pattern and Purpose of Salvation for His creatures as well as the schematics for the earth plane expressed in math which is how ancient man came to know math.  Yahweh's Plan was conceived first in spirit, then Yahweh manifested Himself in shape and form in the universal Holy Place of the Pattern as a supernal being in the shape and form of a spirit man, called Yahweh Elohim Who put the Plan into motion as willed by Yahweh. Cultures have called this shape and form "The Most High," "The Great Spirit" and other titles.  At the time appointed by the Plan, and by the Pattern of the Plan (Himself), Yahweh Elohim then took on a pure, specially prepared, physical shape and form in the Court Round About of the Pattern according to the Plan. He manifested in the earthplane as Yahshua the Messiah Who is the executor of the Purpose of the Yahweh's Plan.  

The universal Pattern (Yahweh Elohim) is the structure and function of the Purpose by the Plan and this was shown at the appointed times by a vision and revelation to Moses after the Exodus in 1490 B.C., then to John the Beloved about 96 A.D., and in 1931 A.D. to Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley.  The Key-Ops monument and Altar built in Egypt by Yahweh Elohim holds within it the 3-fold Divine Pattern structural outline in stone construction.  Yahweh Elohim co-authored this Plan with Yahweh by having angels build Key-Ops in the earth plane (the Court Round About of the Divine Tabernacle Pattern) as per the Plan that was within Elohim's super-incorporeal heart because He is Yahweh (who authored the Plan in Spirit and eternity, "The Day of Yahweh").  Elohim had angels cut and place enormous blocks from granite and limestone that He Himself created in order to build the Great Pyramid.  Then at the appropriate time as per the Purpose, by the Pattern's basic structure hidden within in this stone monument  ,Yahweh Elohim Who is the eternal divine universal Pattern showed a man (Moses) how to build the Tabernacle Pattern of physical corruptible materials.  Then the man Moses had it built in the wilderness of Sin in the earth plane with all the functions or "Working processes of the (sic. Spirit) Law within it" (from "Panoramic Vision") which Key-ops did not provide the knowledge for in detail. 

After allowing a chosen people to show for 1490 years that they could not keep the physical law given to them on their own, even having the Tabernacle Pattern given to them (which for them provided a physical operation for a physical salvation from physical disobedience), Yahweh Elohim made a PURE, specially prepared human body within the womb of a physical woman to bring the Plan to fruition.  The Angel Gabriel named the unborn child Yahshua (Matt 1:21), meaning Yahweh is Salvation, Who was later also entitled "Immanuel", meaning "Elohim with us" (John 3:2), by Nicodemas as prophsied in Isaiah 7:14.  This Son of Man (who is Elohim in a fleshly body)  is The Man to all mankind who are women to Him.  He was the ONE and only acceptable physical sacrifice possible as per Yahweh's Plan ordained in eternity for the redemption of people spiritually from their disobedience, when they knew not Yahweh, so that by faith in Yahshua's death, burial and resurrection or blood, water, and Spirit (the 3 witnesses in the earth plane - I John 5:8 KJ) the souls of the preordained Sons of Yahweh might come to KNOW Him: be reconciled to Yahweh by His Purpose fulfilled by the power of His Holy Spirit which comes in the name of Yahshua (John 3:16, 14:26, 17:3) Who is the Name of salvation, through His glorious grace bestowed upon those who believe the report.

Yahweh Elohim asked man to build only three things: Noah's Ark, the Tabernacle Pattern, and the Temple in Solomon's time.  But the angels built this most tantalizing stone structure in Egypt called the Great Pyramid (in a country that Biblically is a type of the mystery of iniquity or the Court Round About of the Pattern which that mystery runs).  i It is a monumental physical type and shadow of Yahweh’s Plan to fulfill His Purpose by His Pattern of salvation for His pre-ordained creatures (Eph 1:9&10).  Key-Ops is built of physically durable materials that Yahweh Elohim Himself created in the earth plane and it was erected on such a large scale that it has stood as a physical witness of Yahweh’s Plan possibly since time began, which was at the moment Eve touched the forbidden fruit with the intention of eating it (Gen 3:1-6).  A modern day man coming in the spirit of an apostle has testified hearing, when Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley said Yahweh had built Key-Ops and then when he was questioned about how Yahweh could have done it with those stones being 12 to 50 tons each, Kinley answered, “Oh, an angel can lift one of those stones with his pinkie finger!”  Dr. Kinley himself did not preach about Key-Ops because He did not have permission at that time to do so just as he often commented that there were many other things he knew from receiving the Panoramic Vision and revelation from Yahweh Elohim in 1931 but that they were not given to him to reveal.  Indeed, Dr. Kinley did not preach/teach the True Names until an organization not part of Dr. Kinely's school published "The Holy Name Bible" and then there was proof evident from a confirming scholarly source (Hebrew speaking) that proclaimed it as well. (By the mouth of two or more witnesses). Recently, a Presidential candidate stated he thought the pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain. The other ones may have been, who knows now, but Key-Ops the prototype pyramid in Egypt was built by Yahweh Elohim directing angels to complete it. During Dr. Kinley's time there was no interest in Key-Ops as a contemporary Bible proof and today's candidate does not have True Gospel knowledge but he was given the idea it had something to do with Yahweh's Plan which he attributed to Joseph. In Dr. Kinley's time in the flesh it was not appropriate to reveal Yahweh Elohim had Key-Ops built.   First the Purpose was taught  (Yahshua) and then the Pattern was tauhgt (Yahweh Elohim) , and now the physical representation of the spiritual original of the Plan is being made known as co-authored by Yahweh (Pure Spirit) and Yahweh Elohim/Yahshua   (Spirit manifested Creator and physical Savior). This Key-Ops vision and revelation was given in December 2013 to someone who had already received and understood the things Dr. Kinley was told to preach and believed the report of the True Gospel. The time now present is appropriate for this knowledge to be revealed because many people are right now being informed about the candidate's thoughts about the pyramid and many other people are already flirting with accepting Babylonish religions which flowered again in ancient Egypt, after the languages were confused by Yahweh, where and when Key-Ops was  abominally used as a ritualistic place for hedonistic worship of false religions and gods. The truth about Key-Ops is proof that those religions were and are false. Key-ops predated them all.

Key-Ops shows internally, in broad symbology, in physical and almost indestructible form in time (which only exists in the physical), Yahweh’s Purpose and His Pattern by which His Plan that was designed in eternity will proceed in the earth plane.  The inferred 33 foot pyramidian at the top is physically missing because Yahweh is pure spirit and His Holy Spirit, which is Yahshua, has from the foundation of the earth been destined to take on a physical body and to be sacrificed, buried, and resurrected a quickening Spirit (typified by the altar on top of the pyramid) then to return to His Glorious position in the infinite, eternal and invisible spiritual realm as Yahweh Elohim from where He poured out His Holy Spirit on mankind so those who could receive by understanding the True Gospel would be His Ambassadors making His presence known in the earth plane. The missing pyramidan is a type of Yahweh’s eternal spiritual (not physical) Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle Pattern (which is the pattern of salvation according to Yahweh's Plan). In addition, this Great Pyramid is a physical type of Yahweh’s totally controlling, operational guidelines (physics-math) for this physical realm since before it was created after Yahweh took on a supernal spiritual shape and form as Yahweh Elohim who thundered in the spiritual (first) and then the physical (second) creations as per Yahweh’s Plan thus putting Yahweh's Plan into effect (or manifestation) Himself, making Elohim a co-author of the Plan. 

Over time, the interior of Key-Ops has been used in ways abominable to Yahweh, supposedly to allow particular persons to become eternal and pretend they are gods in order for them to lord it over other people in the physical realm.  This wrong use was inspired by Satan and his demons: the fallen angels.  There is no  ritual use for the Great Pyramid.  It is simply to mathematically understand the 1st and 2nd heavens (earth plane atmosphere and celestial plane) and, for a preordained person (called and chosen), to see the testimony they make of the spiritual elevation which can progress only by the knowledge of Yahshua the Messiah, the only hope of salvation, by acknowledging His sacrifice metaphysically on the physically unused/spiritually symbolized altar on top of Key-Ops and seeing the allegory in its interior chambers as a type of both the history of Israel culminating in the death, burial, and resurrection of Yahshua later followed by His Ascension and Pentecost and the migration of one soul from birth to death and life eternal, which truths once they are understood and believed by His Grace in a Chosen One can bring them to a unified knowledge of Yahweh, Yahweh Elohim and Yahshua the Messiah (John 17:3) which is required for eternal life.  The proof of Yahshua's mission is in the Bible using the key principles of institution and fulfillment.  The Plan is about migration of one soul from physical life to death and the emergence from that sleep state into the spiritual state either as saved in Yahshua and a resident of the Kingdom of Heaven or as a still dead soul consigned to Satan's fate in the Lake of Fire.  The entire Plan goes by the Tabernacle Pattern where one can stand in the Holy Place spiritually in safety with Yahshua who then as Yahweh Elohim will intercede in one's behalf in wisdom with Yahweh to the point of a soul being sealed in Yahshua's body or assembly, as His Bride, or not.  Key-Ops tells this story with a broad, though motionless brush.  It is a monument unto the actual Pattern by which Yahweh's Plan is accomplishing His Purpose of salvation. 

The missing pyramidian of Key-Ops was a planned occurrence because the slopes of the four-sided structure would not actually result in an Apex closure if the courses (206 steps) had been extended. Yahweh's Plan in type was contructed with an "open" apex with a flat altar base which infers (predicted before it happened) Yahshua's sacrificial death on the cross (John 3:16), His burial, and His resurrection on the third day as a life-giving spirit and His ascension, 40 days after His death burial, and resurrection then ascension from the Mount of Olives into the spiritual realm from where he 10 days later bestowed His Holy Spirit upon those who would receive it.  The pyramidian space above the altar infers a metaphysical and eternal high point (an endless destination for those saved) not able to be achieved in the physical by the perfect mathematical means shown by examining Key-Ops dimension and location. The only path to salvation, our great destination, was the great mystery revealed at Pentecost showing it to be a spiritual salvaton of a soul through belief in the True Gospel of Yahshua the Messiah (Jer 31:31-34; Cor 15:1-4). That invisible open apex space depicts the only truly pure place, the infinite and eternal spiritual realm of Yahweh which is reflected in the physical but is far greater and is not subject to physical laws which are actually reflections of Spirit Law which as the Holy Spirit (that comes in the name of Yahshua, John 14:26) that has the power to convert a soul to know Yahweh spiritually.

So, how do we benefit from this monument's existence here in the earth plane as knowledge is revealed about Key-Ops in this 4th Age and 6th Dispensation of the Purpose Yahweh being executed? 

The Plan denoted by Key-Ops is so broad, while appearing deceptively simple, that it requires we answer this and other questions to begin to understand the enormity of what Key-Ops tells us of Yahweh’s Plan. By seeing what Key-Ops represents in the earth plane some who are now flirting with the adoption of ancient, copy-cat religions which were abundant in Babylon, Egypt, and now all over the world (such as the Hebrew Israelite Kemet Movement), might come (" a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept..." Is 28:9-13) to understand and finally to know Yahshua the Messiah is the ONLY path to salvation for anyone who ever lived on the earth plane (Galatians 3:28) whether they known Him as such or not.  The rest of this website and especially the utube classes explains the True Gospel which incorporates the Tabernacle Pattern as proof of the Messiah Yahshua the Messiah as does the Old Testament and the creation.

This original pyramid (none of its copies constructed by mankind are as large, none has a similar interior, nor are they as precisely placed and executed) has been studied externally and extensively down through time.  Just as perfect copies could never be made, the false copy-cat religions can do nothing at all to make a soul immortal.  Key-Ops is from where and which mankind originally got its understanding about mathematics, especially in three dimensions (geometry), AND mankind's imagined false religions and gods inspired by Satan.  True to his nature, mankind has looked at the physical outside of things rather than looking within for the Creator.  Instead of knowing of what Key-Ops' internal structure speaks, each person's imaginings inspired by Satan and his demons have controlled their view of their own inner space, the spiritual space or souls, of people until if/when they hear and receive the True Gospel about the Kingdom of Heaven within as ordained by Yahweh in His Plan (I Cor 1:21).  By observation of Key-Ops over time mankind comprehended from it only mathematical and astronomical truths about the physical realm not spiritual Truth.

The epitome of basic math that has been learned from Key-Ops with the help of computers and technology from that extended knowledge, has manifested at CERN: a particle collider that as of June 2015 is trying to disintegrate the so-called “God Particle” they found after much searching, knowing by math that it must exist and which they say is the "glue of the universe!"  Man could bring about his own demise in this very manner, exquisitly by the knowledge obtained from Key-Ops which Yahweh Elohim had angels build and left in the earth plane down through time knowing exactly at what time this knowledge would blosom into mankind's folly to flirt with extiniction…only time will tell if they succeed.  Yahweh might not allow the efforts at CERN to do anything major at all even though there is a suspicion colliding the "God Particle" has already started and stopped because of some negative observable effects to these very scientists who have "fired it up" in tests, but they are still "fine tuning" it and will start again.  This earth plane will be destroyed and a new earth imposed in an instant (II Peter 3:8-14, II Thess II:7-8, 4:16&17) by Himself so that Yahweh Elohim has the distinct and obervable pleasure of meting out His justice for mankind's massive disobedience, appearing in His time frame alone which will literally end time. This effort at CERN is of vaster dangers than even the atom bomb first exploded in New Mexico USA in 1945 about which its developer physicists were afraid that when it ignited it "might" set off a flaming reaction in the atmosphere of earth!  Man has always exhibited such folly.  Maybe Yahweh prevented that flaming atmosphere outcome and during all the other atmospheric tests of nuclear bombs which were eventually taken underground.  This writer met a physicist in the 1970's who stopped being one for that very reason, it was folly.

Especially important in this time frame of today is that Dr. Kinley declared Yahweh had called for an end to this creation in 1960 and since then we are on borrowed time, a grace period, we are simply seeing the end of this earth plane being manifested in our time.  Noah preached for 120 years that there would be a flood  because he was told that by Yahweh Elohim and given specific instructions to build a boat for a flood involving water coming from the sky which had never before happened. Yahweh Elohim told Noah "The end of all flesh has come before me," but He found Noah to be worth saving (Gen 6:5-8).  Noah's wife and three sons and their wives lucked out because they were a part of Noah's household and Yahweh intended to start over with mankind (to Yahweh "...a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day..." - II Peter 3:8). By the way, unlike the recent movie "Noah" the Bible says clearly that only eight souls were saved:  Noah and his wife, their three sons, and the sons' three wives with no Tubal Kahn getting on the boat as a stowaway nor were any fallen angels ever saved for supposedly helping Noah (they are not able to be saved as per decree of Yahweh, Jude 6).

Although we don't have book for the Great Pyramid at Giza, Key-Ops, except for Is 19:19, it must have survived the great flood of Noah’s time if it was constructed before then, but if it was extant then it lost most all of it’s shiny outer skin (sparkly white limestone) by that event and the sphinx in front of it was greatly eroded by water (it is said it’s nose was knocked off by Naploeon’s army but this is anecdotal and perhaps deliberate misinformation). Scientists do acknowledge the Sphinx’s wear and tear is definitely from water and the desert is very arid on that plateau above the Nile River.  We can all see that it has the form of a lion and the Bible calls Yahshua the lion from the Tribe of Judah. Many astronomical factors including the precession of our Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy which are seen by naked eye in the vault of heaven are derived from Key-Ops' dimensions and placement with the placement of the Sphinx in relationship to it.  This writer has not been informed of how the other two, close-by pyramids and the Sphinx were made but scientists have discovered many relationships of them all including a common star pattern involving the constellation Orion and the star named Sirius among other things which is easily readable from above and below by these structures in concert. That it has been proved many oberservable to the eye star-related matters can be deduced by calculations on the dimensions and location of Key-Ops and its companions has been well documented and widely accepted since ancient times. 

A stunning fact few know is that the Great Pyramid is actually eight-sided but this can only be seen at a certain time on a certain day of the year when a slight shadow is created by the otherwise hidden other four slopes or from directly above it by sophisticated instruments.  It was first discovered in a photograph of it from an airplane a few decades ago.  Eight is the number of completion in the Tabernacle Pattern, four is the number of initiation or entry to the Holy Place through a metaphysical doorway which in the case of the True Gospel is Yahshua the Messiah who knocks on the door of our heart seeking entrance as the Holy Spirit and if we answer the door, the call, and learn of Him, through His Grace (the Holy Spirit of promise) we know Him and then can enter into our Father's Kingdom which has been prepared for us before the foundation of the earth plane.  Key-Ops depicts both of these possibilities: the initiation into (four obvious sides) and fullness of spiritual incarnation into the Kingdom of Heaven which is an internal space within our souls (actual eight hidden sides).   

The demise of Key-Ops, as a huge SHINY glorious object of the ancient world after the flood or by later vandalism, which is the worldly answer, was necessary by Yahweh's Plan in order to draw attention from it and to start a program of Yahweh making Himself known to an ancestral line of Hebrews from Noah's son Shem, the physically Chosen People in His Plan.  First, Yahweh Elohim made Himself known to Abraham who fathered Isaac and was faithful to the point of being willing to sacrifice his only son of promise when Yahweh called for it but Yahweh instead provided a beast to serve as the sacrifice (a type of the Law given to Moses after the Exodus for the physical salvation of the children of Israel).  Abraham's son was dead in the father's eyes during the three day trip to the place of Sacrice and Isaac carried wood for the altar on his back just as Yahshua carried his cross to Golgotha.  But Abraham knew it is impossible for Yahweh Elohim to lie and that a promise had been made to bless all the famlies of the earth (Gen 12:3) through Isaac's progeny and as Isaac had no children as yet, Abraham had faith that Yahweh would provide a replacement sacrifice (and told his son that) or that Elohim would resurrect Isaac from death to keep the promise. This was all a type of Yahshua to come and be sacrificed, buried and resurrected as the Son of Man (Elohim).  After that in His supernal form as Yahweh Elohim He spoke to the Children of Israel from Mount Sinai and worked intimately with Moses as in a physical body called Yahshua (called Joshua in the Bible) Who led Israel through Moses and directed their warfare on their migratory trek to the promised land with a 40 year lapse of time because of their disbelief. The wars with the kings of false gods nations were also necessary to continue the operation of the Plan, by the Pattern, in order to achieve Yahweh's ultimate Purpose which is Yahshua the Messiah in you to give you entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven and to save you from the wrath of Yahweh. The migration of the Children of Israel was by the Tabernacle Pattern before Moses ever received how to make it in a vision.  The migratory pattern goes by the Tabernacle Pattern and each soul must make this trek through the wilderness of Sin as they hopefully come to know Yahweh by virtue of Yahshua the Messiah.

At other times during Isreal's migration to the promised land of Canaan, Yahweh poured out wrath that was the death of thousands because of their disobedience.  This chosen people, the Children of Israel descended from Noah’s son Shem, was another physical type of the Son of Man to come (Yahshua), and to provide proof of Him in all the law given to them and their national experience for 1490 years until the Advent of Yahshua as the Messiah.  Then in 70 A.D. the remaining Hebrew IsraeliteTribe of Judah was disbursed for disobedience.  They were a physical type, allegory or shadow of the spiritual salvation Yahweh planned in eternity for His beloved creatures, mankind, even before creating the spiritual and physical planes by His manifested supernal shape and form of Yahweh Elohim. During the Plan of operation of Yahweh’s Purpose with His physical Chosen People, Israel, the epitome of their national perfection was achieved in Solomon’s reign. During his reign is when the most glorious structure man ever built, at Yahweh’s specific detailed direction and timing given to King David who gathered the materials required for it’s construction by his son, could be seen on a hill in Jerusalem glistening in the sun for many miles around as a type of Yahweh’s only begotten Son Yahshua the Messiah when He returned to His glorious form as Yahweh Elohim 50 days after His resurrection (He returned to a visionary supernal and glorious form taken on by Yahweh to speak to mankind in dreams and visions - Num 12:6). This glorious temple erected by Israel was a type for a short time in Israel of the meaning of the True Gospel expressed in type now on the inside of Key-Ops which can still be seen today in a diagram of it's interior or if one actually goes to Egypt to go inside it.  This is the remaining physical structural but non-living proof in the earth plane of the Pattern of Salvation which culminates in an inner spiritual operation on the soul by the Holy Spirit, only understood by those who hear and understand the True Gospel preached to them (I Cor 1:21). For them to hear and understand, then to know Yahshua, a teacher must be sent to them. Moreover, the only true temple now is and always has been, by the Plan, the physical body of a believer (I Cor 6:19) who serves as an Ambassador for Yahshua to those who know not Yahweh in the earth plane. Not only that but the body itself is designed by the Tabernacle Pattern which can be explained quite plainly now that we know how our bodies work.  Ironically then, every human being is a physically living testament of the Tabernacle Pattern hidden inside every person whether a believer or not, just as it was inside Soloman's Temple and inside Key-Ops, but you would have to have instruction to see clearly what Paul said in I Cor 6:19 is true.  Three structures wer build three structures in the earth plane that were allegories of spiritual salvation: Key-Op's built by Yahweh Elohim, Noah's Ark built by a man instructed by Yahweh so mankind could replenish the earth plane after the flood, and the Taberncle Pattern first in movable and rudimentary fashion then in a stationary and glorious building, Soloman's Temple.  These all pointed to Yahweh Elohim's glorious body made up of those souls who pass through the 4th step in the pattern to become spiritually saved by Yahshua within them while still housed in the physical body of a Chosen One.  This is the mystery revealed at Pentecost.

What are some of the things we know now and what are our current efforts to gain

More scientific knowledge about Key-Ops?

"New Perpectives of the Great Pyramid" written by Bernard I. Pietsch gives a great rundown of a lot of the data garnered from studying Key-Ops but there is much more: how it expresses the harmonics of the earth, relationships to other sacred sites throughout the world, the Egyptian/Babylonish religion derived from Babylon and incorporating Key-Ops as a location of rituals supposed to give Pharoahs eternal life, and many more topics.  Pietsch says it well in two sentences, "Cheops, the largest structure in the world simultanepously incorporates in its height, the smallest unit of earth measure... juxtaposition of the macro with the micro, the eternal with the instantaneous is a signature characteristic of the Pyramid builder."  Further he states, "By creating a model which extends beyond the corporeal world and placing the information in a form that could not be destroyed (sic. by other than a hydrogen bomb or by Yahweh Himself) the architect succeeded in designing an enduring statement."  Moreover, he says, "The one-second pendulum drives the Pyramid's geometry and is the source of the Pyramid's metrology."  In other words, it speaks about time (the so-called 4th dimension) as well as all the cosmological knowledge, which can be seen by the naked eye, it infers on a regular basis, and he contends that: "The Pyramid simultaneously symbolizes one year, one second of arc, one rotation of the galaxy, and one second of time." He says, "It is no coincidence that the number of inches in the base perimeter of the Pyramid divided by 100 equals the number of days in a year." He does note that the inch involved is not exactly the size of the one we use today.  At that point he contends the Key-Ops inch is more perfect, sacred even, but ascribes the knowledge to the Egyptians whom he thinks built it, as do many. 

He analyzes the Pyramid another way too, saying, "A third category (sic. of his thesis), which we will explore integrates the conceptual with the dynamics of the physical world."  Romans 1:19&20 explains that Yahweh may be known by looking at the things He made.  The Pyramid is one of those things He made from other things He made first, having it built of earth materials by angels rather than creating it.  Pietsch gives many, many exacting and fascinating measurements the Pyramid expresses.  Go to the link above to read more.  He does, however, develop a theory based on the number of courses in the Pyramid which are more idiosyncratic than general mathematical concreteness already known and pertains to the location it's upon.  It would take a great deal of effort and time to match the Egyptian time frame, about which he tries to make a point, with the same time frame in Israel to get at any real Truth about the factors he mentions and more but this is almost certainly true: that they co-relate. For one thing in "Temple at the Center of Time" author David Flynn claimed on page 175 of the paperback  edition of 2008 published by Anomalos Publishing that there are 1,441,000 feet between the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Jerusalem Temple Mount and he is using  modern GPS technology to get that figure which was not possible even 50 years ago. More interesting to the writer is that in his book, Mr. Pietsch notes the measurements of the Pyramid are often mentioned as being derived from human physiology and this touches on the fact that we are made in the image of Yahweh Elohim (Gen 1:27).  Since the body follows the Tabernacle Pattern it seems likely that Key-Ops would as well. Pietsch catalogs some astronomical observations as compared to the human body, calling the knowledge obtained from it being a "sacred" day, a "sacred" year and "sacred" precessional cycle. If one believes the Bible that Adam was created in the image of Yahweh Elohim, then this Key-Ops knowledge that Mr. Pietsch catalogs as deriving from the human body that points to celestial truth means everything is created in the image of Yahweh Elohim which can be proved by the Tabernacle Pattern which the Bible calls a "...pattern of heavenly things..." (Hebrews 8:5) and not just the human being.  The entire creation is made and operates by the structure and functions of the Tabernacle Pattern given to Israel and its structural guidelines were interred in Key-Ops but not the functions.

Pietsch touches on the fact that Saturn, also called Kronos (meaning "time" in Greek), plays a predomient role as a "source of measure" expressed in Key-Ops and the Bible tells us that Satan is the prince of the world (John 12:31) who can now be cast out of our hearts and minds when one believes the True Gospel of Yahshua the Messiah.  To be more precise, the Great Pyramid Key-Ops expresses the measurements of which Satan is a master, truth about the physical realm he runs, but he does not understand that internally it shows the way to be freed from these very physicalities including Satan's domination of mankind since the spiritual fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  This dovetails with, as recorded in the bible, Yahshua saying "...the Kingdom of Heaven is within..." meaning within a person's soul that the physical body houses. Key-Ops' chambers, within that very physical of places, show how to get out of the clutches of Satan's dominion with the unfinished top of this pyramid being an altar symbolizing the physical death of Yahshua the Messiah planned in the metaphysical realm and the entire pyramidian inferring in physical space this spiritually planned event and its outcome for believers in Yahshua (spiritual freedom in eternity with Yahweh).  Key-Ops is a very sophisticated and involved structure both showing the Mystery of Righteousness and the Mystery of Iniquity as well as the physical and spiritual manifestations of same.  Both mysteries are part of Yahweh's Plan in order to show His human creatures that He is running it all and in control of it all, including control of Satan (Is 45:7) so that they might know Him as He really is and actually exists.  Yahweh cannot lie (Num 23:19) but He can deceive Satan by physical truth because Satan is unable to extrapolate spiritual truth from the physical truth since being cast out of Heaven.  He can no longer see the spiritual truth reflected in physical things because he can no longer think spiriitually.

No doubt, this monument made by Yahweh Elohim's angels and called Key-Ops is very well known and understood in the physical sense by the Adversary, Satan. So, it is very consistent that Satan runs the earth systems and is in control of people who know not Yahweh and that these systems will, through Satan, axiomatically show forth technological advances related to the mathematical earth plane information in the Pyramid as well as having inspired those people he controls to create religions around the known interior structures in the Pyramid but overlooking the true meaning of what Yahweh Elohim had built into those interior parts. Satan is blind to the True Gospel.  He knows the Bible through and through but he does not understand the mystery of salvation. He started these false religions even before the flood and they were remembered and implemented by one or two of Noah's sons, but not Shem, and their offspring brought them forth again to the point of Yahweh confusing the one language at the Tower of Babyl so they would disburse into groups who understood each other taking with them those same Babylonish religious practices using slightly differrent language to describe them and the names of "gods and goddesses" worshipped by people since before the flood.  Indeed the flood came as a consequence of the people governed by Satan, during the dispenation of conscience, developing religions which played to their worldly lusts (such as temple prostitutes of both sexes), which religious imagings started by Adam and Eve leaving the garden of Eden and being estranged from Yahweh because of their disobedience to Him and the following birth of Cain in whom Satan was incarnated.  It seems clear that the Pyramid would have to have been built right after the creation of the physical realm OR RIGHT BEFORE OR AFTER EVE'S DECEPTION AND ADAM'S DISOBEDIENCE AND THE RESULTING CURSES AND EXPLUSION FROM THE GARDEN WHICH MIGHT HAVE BEEN SIMULTANEOUS WITH SATAN AND HIS ONE THIRD OF AN INUMERABLE COMPANY OF ANGELS (now called demons) BEING THROWN OUT OF HEAVEN (Rev 10:14 HN Bible, 9-13 KJ BIBLE).  Today the religion is "science based" and at CERN in front of the administrative building stands a statue of the Hindu god named Shiva, the God of Cyclical Destruction, dancing on the disc of the earth plane. Because elvolution has been taught in schools as the truth even though it does not even make sense, and the expansion of this supposed space age, science is what the world worships at the feet of instead of Yahweh.  Science is creating a world, a universe view, that has flaws and is openly wanton in regard to the creator.  The parent organization of CERN is called Atlas and in Vol. 3 of "Elohim: the Archtype Pattern of the Universe" on page 56 the Atlas bone in the base of the neck which supports the head and allows it to swivel is a type of Yahshua who is the head of the Mystery of Righteousness and everything which He supports and in fact has everything under control.  Yahweh knows the end from the beggining because He made a Plan and willed it into operation.  He also knows which vessels are ones to honor and which are ones to dishonor so none of this is a surprise to Him Who planned it all.  In regard to what man knows many known truths (like old wives "tales" are often being found to be true in medicine) that mankind has observed for thousands of years with his own eyes have been dropped by this new science and technology religious monolith epitomized by CERN in the "science" realm and by the Illuminati in the religious realm that is taking over everyone's minds unless they are focused on Yahshua our Redeemer. There are many things that are idols but what is developing as a world-wide delusion is debunked by Key-Ops if you know the Truth to begin with.  

The fallen angels now called demons with their Captain Satan were given control over the earth plane and its inhabitants until such time as the Purpose was brought forth to cast them out of believers in Yahshua by the preaching of the True Gospel. The Key-Ops Pyramid was not necessary when Adam and Eve were obedient and simply trusted in Yahweh Elohim to supply their needs and didn't need a Savior, but within Key-Ops was written in stone the Pattern of Salvation incased, implying their disobedience was planned by Yahweh.  So, logically, Yahweh knew and even planned Adam and Eve would be disobedient because of Satan, who was a part of the Plan and was created by Yahweh Elohim (Is 45:7).  It is also true that they could not procreate as directed by Yahweh until Satan deceived Eve into eating of the tree they were not supposed to even touch, and her husband Adam chose to fall with her as a type of the sacrifice of Yahshua the Messiah for His Bride.  The fall of Adam and Eve is what gave Satan control over human beings and also prophesied the salvation to come.  Yahweh knew the ultimate result of giving mankind the information housed in Key-Ops: it would lead some of them to the Truth when it was made known by the Tabernacle Pattern as a type and culminated in Yahshua the Messiah fulfilling that old physical law and bringing in a New Covenant at Pentecost, a spiritual and eternal one.  But Yahweh foreknew Key-Ops' knowledge would lead many more to destruction through vain imaginings and rituals designed supposedly to make some of them into gods which is what the Egyptians did and why the word "Egypt" in the Bible is symbolic and always refers to an evil place most notoriously as in Exodus and in the book of Revelation.  Basically, Key-Ops proves Yahweh created the mystery of righteousness AND the mystery of iniquity BOTH as a part of His Plan to try to get us to know Him.  Since we cannot see Him, He is in everything because everything is manifested by Him so we can't get out of Him to perceive Him by our physical senses, since He wants us to know Him and set up all of this to accomplish that, He had to have a foil, an adversary, that would provide something for us to need and want to become free of so He could rescue us.  If it were all good, we would never see Him at all, in fact we would (as people are now doing) feel sure it is because we are so smart and good that it is good.  The first age of conscience we were allowed to try to be good without His intercession and we failed so miserably that He had to wipe the earth clearn of human kind except for one selected man and his family so it could start over with the physical plan that incorporated Israel as a type and shadow of physical salvation so we could get to know Him that way but also see that we could not keep His stated laws even when we knew them.  Then He personally came into the earth plane to fulfill that law that Israel could not keep and set it aside, then to die for our sins and offer salvation by virtue of His Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  That is extreme patience and love.  As a child if you can't do something your parent helps you.  Phyloprogentiveness, love of our children.  We have it because we have been made in His image.

So, if Satan dreamed up erroneous meanings regarding the interior of Key-Ops what does it really mean and how can it be rightly interpreted instead?

Just before the Fukishima earthquake on March  11, 2012, and it’s devastating results, Japanese scientists had been seeking permission to examine Key-ops‘ inner design extensively: to map it by use of modern non-invasive technology (think of a sonargram in medicine ).  This technology is so good now they can get a 3-D picture of an unborn baby with it!  They can do the same over time at great expense and planning for the entire interior of Key-ops.  But trying to deal with the Fuikishima disaster has put on hold this and many Japanese scientific endeavors both because of finances involved and because of the brain drain in trying to cope with and recover from the quake’s triple disaster effects: 1. Original problem was the 30 foot deep 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off Fukishima Daiashi in Japan,  2. The resulting tidal wave which killed thousands and devasted the countrtyside as well as a nuclear power plant, and 3. The resultant release of radiation from ruined nuclear reactors located on the coast which caused a continuing inundation of radiation and is killing life in the Pacific Ocean as well as the countryside in Japan near the reactors.  Who even knows what radiation got into the atmosphere, our air we breath for life (life is in the breath…and the blood), which would be a 4th disaster of a difficult-to-measure magnitude.

So, the interior of Key-Ops was not and still is not being investigated beyond what we have known for the past 15 years so far as this writer's research has located.  A year or so after the earthquake off Japan, came the “Arab Spring” with a full-out change of governance in Egypt whose land Key-ops sits upon.  During this time the man who basically had control of what goes on at the Giza Plateau and, indeed, all the ancient sites in Egypt, was fired.  Last I heard he may have been offered a United Nations job or he could be back in his place as master of the pyramids.  He is a publicity seeking man and possibly not above some actual fabrication of a supposed piece of graffiti evidence found in red paint in the upper structure above the Kings’ Chamber, he claiming it was proof that Egyptians built the pyramid in a certain time frame. 

There was a lot of hoopla and TV coverage a few years ago of two concealed shafts that go nowhere in the Queens Chamber.  One shaft (behind a little wall) led to another wall and when they drilled through it they saw by CATV a pile of white “sand”.  I suspect, for assorted reasons, that it is white gold powder but cannot prove it.  The large chambers that are known were easy to find long ago and all connect to each other.  There is a subterranean section to the pyramid that is speculated to have had something to do with the Nile rising every year and a well.  All is speculation except for the mathematical computations coming from study of its dimensions and orientation which are amazingly precise for such a large structure and included sophisticated knowledge of the earth plane written in math.

This article is addressing the Plan Key-ops is depicting which is Yahweh’s Grand Plan for His creations, both physical and spiritual (metaphysical): gathering everything and everyone back into Yahweh Elohim Himself who is the Son of Yahweh, Yahshua (Eph 1:9&10) the Son of Man.  Key-Ops shows what Yahweh wants to have happen from all this populating of the world with human beings and the spirit realm with angels, what His intent is and how it is going to actualize.  A key thing to remember is that the angels themselves did not know His Plan or what Key-Ops meant and they are finding out just as we are now.  They are still being exposed or introduced to the reason for it all, the Purpose, and the how-to-do-it of His Purpose which is the Tabernacle Pattern as built in a physical representation at Yahweh’s orders by Israel about 3500 years ago and about 1500 years later expressed in a glorious building called the Temple. In reality our bodies are and always have been the true Temple of Yahweh, we just didn't know it (1st Cor 6:19&20) until Yahshua Himself told us so.

As per Yahweh’s stated Purpose in Ephesians 1:9&10, He is going to gather together everything into Yahshua, Who is Yahweh Elohim in His Super-incorporeal form (Yahweh in spirit shape and form Who speaks to mankind in visions and dreams – Numbers 12:6).  As people's souls return from whence they came, back to their Creator Yahweh Elohim at the Universal Revelation, they have already been judged by Yahshua by one fact, do they know Him and does He know them.  All souls are sent one by one to go live eternally in one of two mysteries: the Mystery of Righteousness (this requires knowing Yahshua) or the Mystery of Iniquity.  Both of these mysteries are operated by Yahweh who is in control of EVERYTHING.  The one running the former mystery of light and life is Yahshua who is Yahweh in a body whether of spirit form or a physical form.  The other mystery is run by the created fallen angel Lucifer now called Satan, the Adversary, and his demons (fallen angels) who were all cast out of heaven into the earth plane, "...woe unto the inhabitants of the earth" (Rev 12:8-16).

These two mysteries operate side by side throughout time. The angels, led by Yahshua’s Captain of His host, Michael the Archangel, had a war with Lucifer (who was trying to overthrow Yahweh Elohim ignorant of the fact Elohim made Satan) and his followers who were finally cast out with the 1/3 of his angels from the angelic realm, their first estate, into the physical realm where they have power (Rev 12:8-14 Holy Name Bible;  Rev 12:7-13 King James ). Satan was perfectly made to play this role in Yahweh's Plan, full of grace, beauty and wisdom.  Key-Ops depicts the required pathway, or straight road, all of Yahweh's physical people's souls (and spirit beings: angels) must take, constantly elevating their thoughts and understanding by the Grace given to them by the Holy Spirit which is the power of Yahweh who took on shape and form as Yahweh Elohim to put into motion Yahweh’s Plan. Yahweh, Himself, has been working with man through His two manifestations: Elohim (spiritual form) and Yahshua (physical sacrificial form) down through all time. This method is part of His Plan that He willed to go forth with to bring glory to first His Son and then to Himself: to make Himself known to His creatures in order to give birth to more Sons.

The ongoing war in the earth plane between human beings in Yahshua and those in Satan is spiritual (Eph 6:11-20) and can be won only by Yahshua Himself (Who created and can defeat and ultimately uncreate Satan and His angels) in behalf of His Bride (assembly or body) who have faith in Him (Heb 11:6 - the only way to please Yahweh) through His True Gospel by the evidence and substance (Hebrews 11:1) of the institution of prophecies in the Law and Prophets (Old Testament) and seeing their fulfillment there and in the New Testatment to thereby gain the Holy Spirit in their souls.  There is no way a mere human being can fight Satan and his angels because the latter are far more powerful and have been given, by Yahweh, the earth plane to operate.  Therefore, in order to escape being controlled by Satan and his angels a mere human being must recognize, KNOW, Yahshua is the only hope of salvation in order to be saved from the coming wrath of Yahweh which will come by fire at a time only Yahweh knows as a punishment to all who ever lived in the flesh, for their disobedience to Him. We have a type and shadow of this very thing in the prophecies and their fulfillment in regard to the curses that befell the chosen people of Israel: chosen to be a physical type and shadow of Yahshua ("let my Son go" he said to Pharaoh) and then to show forth in the history of their nation many types and shadows to give evidence and proof of Who that was on that cross about 2000 years ago!  They had a law given to them (613 total laws and ordinances) and there were blessings and curses associated with obedience or disobedience to that law.

Down through time we have seen the Israelites terribly enslaved by other nations once they were scattered because of disobedience.  Recently, it has come to light that probably the true ancient Hebrew Israelites progeny are the people we know today who were slaves in the United States: the Negros.  There is documentation in art, in historical writings, in maps, and in DNA that shows these people came down from Noah’s son Shem and were cast out of Israel in 70 A.D. because of disobedience, took their Nation to Central Africa where they were then captured repeatedly by Africans (sons of Noah’s son Ham) and then taken to the West Coast of Africa in Nigeria (hence the appellation “Nigger”) to be sold as slaves and taken by ship to the United States (prophesied in Deu 28)!  So, too, it has been found by DNA that the people who settled in Israel starting in 1948 which was a decision by the United Nations because of their treatment in WWII, are not genetically Hebrew Israelites but descendants of European people who supposedly adopted Judaism but operate by the Tamud rather than the Torah.  For more on this click here.

Whether you think the Negros or the current inhabitants of Israel are the genetic offspring of the Tribes of Israel, Yahweh’s physically chosen people, they both have been treated horribly in the past 400-500 years especially.  It should be noted, though, that white skinned “Jews” in the USA and elsewhere including Israel today own all the media and have tremendous clout in the world; whereas, the Negros have none and are just now trying to establish a nationhood again and a cultural condition that builds economic parity for their lives in the USA and elsewhere. The point of all this is, in view of the fact we are told by Galations 3:28 that he is not a Jew (son of Abrahamic promise) who is one outwardly (physically) but he who is one inwardly (spiritiually).  So to be a Jew, the Chosen of Yahweh, since Pentecost, 34 A.D., means to be filled with the Holy Spirit which only comes in the Name of Yahshua the Messiah to one who believes the True Gospel of what He did to save His people: first offered to Israel and then to the Gentiles. To live eternally in righteousness, peace, and joy is to be in the Kingdom of Heaven, not the Kingdom of Satan.  Those who are in the Kingdom of Heaven are His Chosen Ones from the foundation of the earth, by His Plan depicted in Key-Ops, and they are obedient to Him.  To live in Satan’s Kingdom is to be cursed horribly because of disobedience to Yahweh Who would have all come to a knowledge of Yahshua the Messiah, but they won’t all do that.  These in the earth plane who refuse to bow before Him at the Universal Revelation of Yahshua will not be saved in His assembly.  Yahweh knows who will be saved and who will not be, He knows the whole matter from the creation to the end of the creation because He planned how those who would be saved could be saved and He had it depicted, in type, simply, in stone within the Great Pyramid of Key-ops which is an expression of Romans 1:19 & 20 on the earth from the ancient world until today.

Key-Ops was analyzed by mankind (with the help of Satan) and from it they developed imaginations for religious practices (which are an abomination to Yahweh) that declare they can create eternal life for a chosen few (Pharaohs for instance) who are false gods.  It is clear that the Great Pyramid, having predated these religions, was not built by Egyptians or any mortal men but like the modern day Prophet Kinley said, it was made by Yahweh Elohim.  It is also clear that the structure existed before these Babylonish religions that have various gods and goddesses names and saviors because Satan is mimicking the True Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven not the other way around as many are teaching today, especially to the dark skinned people of the world many of whom are turning their backs on Yahshua who they mostly used to call Jesus.  There is a great deal of confusion about this matter of "who mimicked whom" which is debunked by Key-ops and the history of the Hebrew Israelites remarkably preserved in the Bible.

If those Japanese scientists were to complete their examination of the interior of Key-Ops they will no doubt find other passageways that lead to nowhere within the pyramid.  Leading nowhere is a type and shadow of people getting sidetracked (like the Children of Israel for 40 in the wilderness of Sin) on their climb to elevation of their souls through knowledge about Yahshua the Messiah who is Yahweh, the only true Elohim.  If they get sidetracked into any of many possible passages typifying false religions such as dark skinned people going off on the Kemet philosophical tangent, or believing specifically Israelites and maybe everyone is to keep the Law of Moses which Yahshua fulfilled as the proof of Who He is, or the idea that Key-Ops was built by aliens who will someday return, or whatever, they will not receive the benefit of getting into the true King’s Chamber, a type of salvation in Yahshua, inside of which there are two shafts going up through the pyramid and ending on it’s exterior with a view from the King’s Chamber into the heavens pointing to certain star formations and where, as a result of seeing these, most people think Yahweh is in the vault of the sky above the earth plane instead of within themselves. 

The vault of heaven above is filled with stars but it is shadow of the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle Pattern where Yahweh is typified as well as His being shown throughout the creation and in us by His Tabernacle Pattern.  We are told in Revelation there are seven assemblies over which seven angels preside and stars represent these beings.  Yahweh is all in all. He means what He said as Yahweh Elohiim through the prophets, He does not change, He is not able to lie, and as a human being called Yahshua He also meant what he said and said what He meant as did Moses, John the Beloved and Henry Clifford Kinley. The sky above is not the Kingdom of Heaven but rather a parable for that which is obtainable within us and how to achieve it: another dimension or state of being, another realm altogether, the spiritual REAL genesis of the reflection that the physical is shadowing or reflecting.  The physical and spiritual creations are a projection of Yahweh’s will according to His Plan.  This spiritual place is within us in our souls who can be in the realm of the eternal where immortal beings live in peace, harmony, joy, and unity always in contact with the one True Elohim and doing His Will rather than their own. 

Immortality is not just for the Pharaohs or the false god men who made people worship them and created ignorant imaginations as religions that utilized, abominably, the structure called the Great Pyramid that depicts how immortality is really obtained in this earth plane by Yahweh’s Plan to achieve His Purpose: spiritual salvation for His creatures who became dead spiritually originally through Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience.  Our continued spiritual disobedience which has physical manifestations (such as physical adultery which is a type of idolatry) could only be atoned for by the perfect sacrifice of Yahshua ONCE, who is here still among us in other bodies than the specially prepared one He dutifully sacrificed to Yahweh because we needed a pure sacrifice to atone for our disobedience.  He had to come in the earth plane Himself to save us and then be buried and resurrect, according to the Scriptures (for proof of Who He was in that sacrificial body) in order for us to be reunited spiritually with Himself at the Universal Revelation (I Cor 15:1-4).

How, exactly does Key-Ops depict Yahweh’s Plan?

It is a possibility the pyramid is also a time piece of the physical realm but who could ever figure that out?  Only Yahweh.  It is also possible that the placement of the pyramid where it is, in Egypt which has always been referred to in the Bible as a type of the physical and carnal rather than spiritual, has an axiomatic relationship with the entire structure of the earth and that it’s weight alone right where it is could be a critical element in the continuation of this physical earth.  Further, that the continuation of the physical earth in the relationship to the Sun, Moon, and Stars we can see in the sky might be necessary given the metaphysical mathematical tiling effect created by the geometric four-sided structure of this greatest of all monuments in the earth plane, in order to continue the entire creation.  That’s how big and further beyond us the presence of that pyramid where it is might actually be. (Is 55:8 “My thoughts are not your thoughts…”).

Since it is known the earth plane was shifted slightly by both the Indonesian and Fuikishima earthquakes and tsunamis, and no doubt many other earthquakes and tsunamis which we have no real data on during time, it would never be possible to calculate all the required data of the earth’s structure and these changes in the earth plane over time in order that an approximate expiration date for it (and indeed the entire physical creation) could be calculated!  But only the pyramid maker would know and may have built all of that into it!  The great mathmetician Yahweh could have made this the key structure in the creataion, the lynchpin as it were of the physical realm on the earth plane on which He created a Man/woman called Adam after the likeness of his spiritual self manifested as Yahweh Elohim.

He already told us in the Bible of His-Story of His dealings with Israel, a Truth known but not perceived in clarity by most people.

The pyramid’s known internal spaces reveal to us Yahweh’s Pattern of salvation first in seven huge, distinct and necessary, progressive and ratcheted symbolic steps called the Grand Gallery which is a gigantic staircase that is a physical type in stone of the Tabernacle Pattern's structure and in some ways its function too.  These progressive steps are often called the (metaphysical) "straight" way.  Secondly it also gives us a room named the Queen’s Chamber, at the bottom of the Grand Gallery and connected to it by a passage, as a metaphyically symbolic place where all human beings, every person of any sex (all of whom are in essence a woman to Yahshua who is The Son of Man), where people begin their journey in life, a womb. People come from a woman’s ova (egg) that is impregnated by a man’s sperm which changes the resulting living mass into a zygoat that multiples very quickly into an embryo to a fetus to a baby with all its body emerging from a passage way into the life on the earth plane as designated since the Garden of Eden as a curse on Eve.  We all have received genetic coding from Adam and Eve who both sinned and their genetic code changed because of that.  Scientists now know changing genetic code is not only possible by behavior but is also passed on to offspring. 

The true metaphyscial challenge of life is to find the way up the Grand Gallery (seven stepped staircase which is depicted in the Tabernacle Pattern by furnishings in each of three compartments in it) instead of going into the depths below by means of a passageway that goes from the Queen’s Chamber downward (in addition to the passageway to the Grand Gallery in a differrent direction), and which is a much lower unfinished place with no order.  It is rough and dark there and contains an object of uncertain use probably added by mankind experimenting.  The passage to the Grand Gallery is the pathway to an allegory of the Tabernacle Pattern leading to salvation from Satan’s domination of person’s soul, the pathway of escape from Yahweh’s wrath ultimately.  Everyone accomplishes two steps: physically dying and then being buried in the earth (whether whole or in molecules) or betters stated taking off the clothing of the flesh which returns to the earth from whence it came while the soul returns to Yahweh at the moment of death.  But the third step, resurrection of the soul, is not so easy. The pathway to the Grand Gallery was actually shown historically in the earth plane by Israel's migration as they left Egypt and went through the Red Sea on dry land with a march to Mt. Sinai at the instruction of Moses where they were given the Tabernacle Pattern, a physical representation of the Pattern of Yahweh Elohim to be used for their individual physical salvations when they disobeyed a Law given to them on Mt. Sinai and given through visions to a man called Moses (Ex 20 to the end of Exodus). He was told to make the Tabernacle exactly according to the Pattern he was given (Ex 25:8&9) because it is a pattern of heavenly things (Heb 8:5). This pattern is replete with symbology in all it’s functions and instruments utilized by the Levitical Priesthood (which has now been replaced by the Malchesidek priesthood - Acts 7) who were Yahweh Elohim’s ministering servants for Israel before Yahshua. Melchesidek priesthood on the other hand are ambassadors to the world, tasked with teaching the True Gospel of Yahshua the Messiah to their fellow men, to open the pathway toward spiritual salvation to them but only Yahshua can open the door to it IHe gives the increase). 

The Tabernacle Pattern is the detailed or nitty gritty type or shadow of a migratory metaphysical journey on the "straight road" to salvation. Moreover, Bible history breaks down into the compartments of the pattern which is how to see the proof of Yahshua's identity to one's satisfaction. There are seven major steps in the pattern of all things which is all Key-Ops tells us, the rest the Bible tells us in great detail, each one testifying to Yahweh's Purpose in glorifying Yahshua the Messiah: to save us spiritually by faith. Key-Ops also tell us what is at the top of the Grand Gallery at the end of the steps, the King's Anteroom, a waiting area one reaches by one final larger and very difficult step which involves releasing attachment to the flesh. Beyond the anteroom is the King's Room which has one object in it that vibrates to the exact vibration of the earth and it is of a shape and size to hold neatly the Ark of the Covenant though it never did because it symbolizes the real ark of safety which is the risen Yahshua the Messiah, in a metaphysical state able to bring souls to Himself beyond the veil of the flesh and into the Kingdom of Heaven and yet allow them to carry on in the flesh until their time has come to take it off. 

The Grand Gallery steps are a type of the “straight road” spoken of by John the Baptist through all the apostasy or false religions of a world full of false gods being taught in the earth plane which oddly enough were started by mankind looking at this very prototype pyramid (never again copied in its grandness or interior design) and examining the known chambers which were at one time open to all by an entrance.  Today people thinking they are Hebrew Israelites, rightly or wrongly matters not, have come up with what is now called Kemet, a copy-cat rendering on walls of ideas obtained by imaginations of men whose souls were guided by Satan and who became totally powerful in the earth plane and thought they were gods.  They actively dreamed up methods of “worship” or sorcery to try to become eternal based around the Great Pyramid’s interior structure as they saw and imagined it to be but didn't know what it symbolized.  Hence, all these theories of ritual godhood were garnered together by people to try to become immortal through physical rituals within this structure which is the height of apostasy because the structure shows the true path to immortality.  Within Key-Ops is the profound and simple Plan of Yahweh built in a 3D blueprint form in the Giza Plateau by Yahweh’s angels with rock materials of the earth plane He Himself created.  A huge monument and altar to the supreme sacrifice of a divine human being as "the lamb of Yahweh" (John 1:29) without fault and fulfilling a physical dispensation called the Mosaic Law, an act of love made in our behalf by our Creator in that body to save our souls from the wrath of Yahweh IF we believe the report of what He did. Faith in His resurrection provides the resurrection of life in our souls bestowed by the life-giving (quickening) spirit of Yahshua our Messiah, so that we can spend our eternal life with Him in righteousness, peace and joy when there is no more flesh and we having been saved from Yahweh's wrath.

The imaginations of men which developed all the false religions we often refer to simply as Babylon or use the word pagan about, which are extant today by other names (such as the Catholic Church and all the Protestant Churches that came out of her, their supposed use of the Bible and the idea of a Savior notwithstanding) are an effort of men to try to “prove” they are gods in order to have power over other men and to try to achieve immortality by physical means.  Therefore, rather than the True Gospel being the copy-cat of Kemet theology of gods and other grand religious schemes derived from “Babylonish” religious practices which is actively being taught today, those very religious practices were and still are a copy-cat of the True Gospel Plan from the foundation of the earth as shown by Key-Ops and later in great detail by Israel receiving the Tabernacle Pattern come to earth: the Pattern of heavenly things in order to fulfill Yahweh's Purpose of salvation for mankind. Each person can indeed be Elohim but only by submitting himself or herself to Yahshua as King of Kings and High Priest.

The True Gospel is contained in Yahweh’s Plan which He developed before taking on shape and form as Yahweh Elohim to put His Plan into operation: the spiritual creation first and then the physical creation to begin His Purpose by His Plan which includes a Pattern of operation for salvation which is faith in Yahshua the Messiah by grace and which has a specific set of steps that are outlined in detail within the precise Tabernacle Pattern given later to the Children of Israel who left Egypt by that very pattern even before they knew of it, built it in the Desert of Sin and lived next to it wandering around as we do in our lives finaling emerging into the promised land of the Kingdom of Heaven if we achieve true faith, by His work in us through grace, in Yahshua.

The babylonish religions which thrived even after the confusion of languages by Yahweh at the Tower of Babel were just given different names by the new language groups but they still incorporated the same old religious scenarios and "gods" they dreamed up by observing what can be easily seen within the Great Pyramid and in fact have copied it today in various manners.  Thus, those babylonish religions were and are in fact a copy-cat of the True Gospel and the one true Yahweh Elohim (god) which is spoken of by the very stones of the Great Pyramid at Giza called Key-ops (also called Cheops and Khufu). 

There is only Yahweh, no other gods, and He presents Himself in visions and dreams as Yahweh Elohim.  He then took on shape and form at the exactly correct time ONCE to fulfill all that was written of Him and typified by the history of mankind and Israel in particular.  Beginning at Moses and the law he was given for Israel which was a type and shadow of spiritual salvation, a type of immortality, that was to come by means of Yahshua and His mission in the earth plane, we see the Plan and Purpose in operation. Key-ops is the simple, built in stone, blueprint for what Yahweh planned in eternity before He executed it manifested as Yahweh Elohim and Yahshua.  Within it’s construction are so many mathematical principles that mankind observed and utilized throughout history that mankind erroneously began to think they figured out those principles alone and that they could be gods by rituals within this huge blueprint of Yahweh’s Plan. 

No they cannot do that.  Their rituals do not fit the Pattern, nothing is to be done within Key-Ops.  It is a testament in stone of Yahweh’s Plan showing His Purpose and Pattern to accomplish it.  The Purpose is in the unfinished top which is a metaphysical space pointing to a spiritual reality that the spiritual chosen ones will enter without the hinderance of a physical body at the Universal Revelation of Yahshua the Messiah and all His Angels which event destroys the physical and brings in a new and better world for those who know and love Him.  The ones that don’t know and love Him, don't give Him Glory for what He has done, have another worse world with which to contend.  It is also in the spiritual, within the Lake of Fire that is Yahweh.

Everything about Israel’s law that Moses was given by Yahweh Elohim and all the rituals of sacrifice for salvation physically at that time (so they could go on living rather than be put to death for their sins which were clearly outlined in the law) was part of the Plan to forward Yahweh’s  Purpose for His physical and spiritual creatures.  To be part of the Mystery of Righteousness and life eternally with Yahshua as one’s King and Priest is to know Yahweh has a Plan, a Pattern, and a Purpose.  Yahweh took on shape and form to put it in motion by creating spiritual and physical creatures, then He entered into His physical creation to perform spiritual salvation for His creatures who have sinned EXCEPT FOR THE ANGELS THAT WERE CAST OUT.  Contrary to the recent movie “Noah” those fallen angels can never return to their first estate (Jude 6).  That movie told a lot of lies and one very big one.  The fallen angels, now called demons did not “help” mankind but rather took him down the wrong path into what we have today in the earth plane.  They are doomed to stay chained in darkness only able to incorporate in other creatures.  At the universal revelation they are doomed to drift in the agony of being divorced from Yahweh and in darkness, consciously going over and over their unforgiven sins.  When Yahweh decided to manifest a spiritual and physical realm they were given power for six millennea in Yahweh’s time frame for the earth plane but they cannot return to the sublime eternal Kingdom of Heaven with Yahweh Elohim (Yahshua in His glorious form) ever. 

Key-ops is physical evidence to the operation of Yahweh’s Plan in the earth plane.  There are seven steps and then a waiting room at the top.  One can even fall out of the brideship degree with Yahweh if one runs out of “lamp oil” or the Holy Spirit departs from one who can’t yield to Yahshua or goes to sleep (dies) without first being properly prepared (taught) with the True Gospel knowledge or doesn't do the will of Yahweh naturally.  The antechamber outside the Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber is depicting that waiting period.  Once the King’s Chamber is reached a soul is safely in Yahshua's hand from then on no matter where one’s footsteps take one in the earth plane.  That safety is depicted by the Ark of the Covenant Mercy Seat in the Tabernacle Pattern and in the pyramid it is foreshadowed by the so-called sarcophagus which is exactly of the correct size and shape to contain the original Ark of the Covenant Israel was told to construct; but you see, the only true spiritual Ark is Yahshua Himself. Everything in the physical plane is a manifestation of Yahweh, so long as He chooses to uphold it, a type and shadow of the reality from whence it comes: the metaphysical/spiritual plane which is Yahweh.  We are here to learn to see His reflection here so that we can come to know Him and worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24) and return to Him as Sons through Yahshua our Savior after a sojourn in this physical construct, "strangers in a strange land". Key-Ops tells us in broad strokes how we can return to our Father and the Tabernacle Pattern takes us through the detailed process by Yahshua's Grace.  His  Purpose will succeed because He is all powerful: He is "I will be what I will to be."


Teaching the vision and revelation given to Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1931 in Ohio USA as prophesied in Hab. 2:2. His teaching of it being the sounding of the 7th Angel prophesied in Rev. 10:7.
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