Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley's Vision and Revelation is What This Site Teaches

After receiving a divine vision and revelation (Numbers 12:6) in 1931 in Ohio, Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley founded the school now known as the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research (IDMR) in order to do what Yahweh Elohim instructed him to do: "Teach my people." Charts depicting the essence of his vision were created to use as visual aids very early in the teaching. In 1961 a textbook was written and sent to the political and religious leaders of the world. Additionally there have been three world trips by a delegation of 12 Yahshuans where presentations have been made, including in the Vatican and in Jerusalem, teaching Dr. Kinley's panoramic vision and revelation which confirms Moses' visions on the top of Mount Sinai (3 trips: Exodus 24) and John's Isle of Patmos visions in Revelation. Dr. Kinley's teaching reveals the "...precept upon precept...line upon line..." (Is 28:10) evidence in the Bible that Yahshua is the Saviour, that Yahshua is the fulfiller of Scripture (Old Testament: Law and the Prophets), and that He is also the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) which He made available on Pentecost to those that believe on Him. Incorporated into this teaching is the knowledge of Yahweh's purpose. This body of knowledge Dr. Kinley taught reveals certain errors that Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism) and modern Judaism is teaching: some notable errors are teaching that the Old Covenant (or more properly speaking the parts they pick out of it) of Moses is still in effect (baptism, passovers, ceremonies, the 10 commandments) rather than receiving His Holy Spirit in our "...hearts and minds..." (Jer 31:31), which has been available since Pentecost, causes us to be obedient to Yahweh; hiding the true names of Yahweh and Yahshua and the title Elohim; and teaching that once a person has the Holy Spirit he/she can still sin and receive forgiveness over and over and over - all of which is erronenous according to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Since the founder's death in 1976 an ever present strain of apostasy grew stronger in IDMR which came to a head in 1994 and has created a polarity in the organization. This website teaches the body of knowledge Dr. Kinley originally received and taught in IDMR which Holy Spirit filled Yahshuans are still teaching. Dr. Kinley's teaching was prophesied in Hab 2:2 and is the sounding of the 7th angel prophesied in Rev. 10:7.

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