It's going to rain fire this time (Gen 9:15, II Peter 3:10-14) for our Elohim is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29).
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Spirit Law

When someone speaks of "The Law" it is generally in reference to the Mosaic Law and indeed that is the law spoken of in Gal 2:16 where we are told very clearly that we are not saved by the works of the law but by faith in Yahshua the Messiah. It says no flesh can be justified by the law meaning the Mosaic Law. When Israel was attempting to keep that law they failed miserably over and over but even if they had kept it perfectly it was only intended to save them physically, to provide a way whereby sin could be easily recognized and that the penalty for it, death, could be overidden in some cases by particular sacrifices. The sacrifices of the Mosaic Law merely pointed toward the ultimate, perfect, only sacrifice that could atone for all sin that would be made by the Messiah for everyone who ever lived if they would only believe it. Everything that went before the advent of the Messiah was a shadow or type, evidence, of Who He is, to prove to a soul that He is the Saviour. He did fulfill all that evidence and types that went before so that we could know for a surety Who He was in that body, Yahweh come to save His creatures: Yahshua means Yahweh is salvation. Yahshua is still in bodies, those that have received Him, His Holy Spirit: His sons and daughters who were once under the influence of Satan to disobey Yahweh, with the comcommitant consequences of His Spirit Law, have been saved since Pentecost in the name of Yahshua. Because they believed in the Gospel they are saved from the coming wrath of Yahweh because they are no longer under the bondage of Satan.

So then what is Spirit Law? The Mosaic Law was a physical law but there is a Spirit Law, and that is the law that runs all things. It has always been in affect/effect and is the vehicle of the Holy Spirit's judgments. Spirit Law holds the universe together. It is literally the Power of Yahweh, His Law. Spirit Law is the operation of the Holy Spirit throughout the spiritual and physical creation. It has always been in operation (eternal) but since Pentecost can govern a human vessel permanently to abide by Yahweh's Will, a conversion of the person's soul. Obeying Spirit Law, Yahweh's Will, cannot be done without the Holy Spirit which performs a silent operation in the heart and mind of a person, saving him/her from eternal damnation upon the universal revelation of Yahshua the Messiah. Soon the physical creation will be destroyed in flaming fire (II Pet 3:10-14) because of the operation of Spirit Law according to Yahweh's purpose as per the prophecies He has given to us. Those that are alive and have the Holy Spirit which causes them to conform to Spirit Law, to be obedient to Yahweh, who are thusly in the Body of Yahshua the Messiah, will be translated into the spirit realm to be there forever with Him. Those who are not in the Body of Yahshua the Messiah will go on into spiritual damnation forever. Everyone and everything is ruled by Spirit Law whether they know it or not. The erroneous idea of reincarnation, multiple lives to get it right, has an idea called Karma. This idea of retribution, reaping what one sows, reciprocation, or "what goes round, comes around" all happens in one lifetime and that life will be judged at the Universal Revelation. There are no continuing lives to get it right, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" is what we are told (Heb 9:27).

There is a lot of confusion over the old Mosaic Law and Spirit Law. Here are some Scriptures that talk of the "law" with a revelation of which is being mentioned when it is not clearly stated if what is being referred to is Spirit Law which simply exists eternally and can be written in the heart and mind OR is the Mosaic law which was written down only for physical Israel to keep and came to an end when Yahshua the Messiah died on the cross (Col 2:14): It is important to know which law is being referred to when you read "the law" in the New testament because by the time that was written the old Mosaic Law had been set aside (Col 2:14) since Yahshua gave His life as a sacrifice to end all sacrifices for those who believe what He did. There are references to the old Mosaic Law and it is important to understand it in order to see the evidence of Who Yahshua was in that specially prepared body: Yahweh in a body. BUT, we are not to keep that old physical Moseic Law any more and instead are governed by Spirit Law through the power of the Holy Spirit in us which is the power of the Law of Yahweh governing the pnysical universe and the spiritual realm.

Teaching the vision and revelation given to Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1931 in Ohio USA as prophesied in Hab. 2:2. His teaching of it being the sounding of the 7th Angel prophesied in Rev. 10:7.
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