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Click here for a brief statement about what this site teaches. All Scripture listed is from the 1917 Scofield King James Bible but putting the True Names and Title (Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua) back in where Lord, God and Jesus respectively appear, generally, as per the 1963 Holy Name Bible with notations in the lectures where references differ in each Bible.

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Dr. Kinley

Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Panoramic Vision
Click here to see a 1958 lecture, in segments, on U-Tube by Dr. Kinley (from a film converted to video). This lecture was made before he revealed the true names of Yahweh (God) and Yahshua (Jesus), and the divine title of Elohim (Christ).

Dr. Kinley was given a Divine Panoramic Vision and Revelation in 1931 which was the sounding of the 7th angel spoken of in Rev 10:7 and this has always been the way Yahweh speaks to a man (Num 12:6). This was the same vision and revelation given to Moses, Habbakut, and John the Beloved. By this vision Yahweh Elohim showed Dr. Kinley the evidence and keys for understanding how the Bible is a witness to Yahshua the Messiah and Yahweh's purpose and Dr. Kinley was always ready to prove what He said. He would proclaim, "It is your divine right to demand proof!" The evidence is there but it has to be revealed "...precept upon precept...", " a little and there a little..." (Is 28:10) by one knowing it already to a person willing to listen because that is the way Yahweh decided to do it (I Cor 1:21).

In Heb 11:1 we learn that faith is "...evidence.." and "...substance...", not blind! Then Hebrews 11:6 states that, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him (Yahweh): for he that cometh to Yahweh must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." The matter of having faith or not having faith is a very big part of a positive transaction between Yahweh and a person. You might ask, "So, how do we get faith?" Good question inasmuch as dictionaries and Christianity (all brands of it from Roman Catholic to all the Protestant doctrines) seem to teach that there really is no evidence for faith but rather teaches that one must have "blind faith" - to get it on the authority of whomever we are listening to at any particular time. Of course, they all disagree greatly with each other, the various doctrines (about 2000), so we are left to wonder, "Which is the Truth?"

This very question is what Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley was pondering at length for two years before the vision and revelation was given to him to teach: it was a panoramic vision of the truth of what the True Gospel is and the witnesses for it in the Bible. He saw what Moses and John the Revelator both saw and was given understanding of it.

We are trained to think we should not require evidence to have faith, that it cannot be had and that we would be wrong to ask for it! Yet we are expected to have it! Yahweh does not require us to have faith without the evidence He abundantly gave both in the Bible and in the creation itself. The so-called "experts" in pulpits will refuse to give Scripture and evidence for what they teach and then say, "Come up and give your heart to Jesus!" Heb 11:1 & 6 clearly tells us that you can't do that without evidence and substance which ARE faith and that you can't please the Father with anything but faith.

The Witnesses that were Revealed to Dr. Kinley

Two of the keys are the Law and the Prophets (L & P: first 5 books of the Old Testament and the books of the prophets). They are likened to the two cherubims that overshadow the Ark of the Covenant of the Most Holy Place (or Holies of Holies) of the Tabernacle which are a type and shadow of Michael and Gabriel, the angels depicted repeatedly in the Bible as action and communication respectively another type of which are the two lobes of our brains. To understand how to use the L & P witnesses we need to have a knowledge of the structure and the function of the Tabernacle Pattern

The witness of the L & P combined with understanding the types and shadows of the Tabernacle Pattern ("...a pattern of heavenly things..." - Heb 8:5) provides evidence to prove Who that was that died on that cross, and why He did it. We have to see that Yahshua was on a mission to fulfill the L & P (Matt 3:15; 5:17; Luke 24:44. This evidence is also necessary to comprehend Yahweh's Purpose which is to complete His Plan of salvation (Eph 1:9-10). The evidence comes by gaining a knowledge of the mystery of Yahweh which will take our souls ultimately to the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle Pattern which is a type and shadow of the eternal spiritual reality which is the Kingdom of Heaven (John 17:3).

Dr. Kinley was told by Yahweh Elohim, "Teach my people," after He gave to him the panoramic vision and revelation. First Dr. Kinley instructed his son to make a visual aid, a chart that still exists today. It is called the Elementary Chart and depicts the Tabernacle pattern laid over key Bible stories and shows how the pattern is operating through time which then provides evidence that points to Yahshua the Messiah as the Saviour. Then he began to teach, ultimately creating an organization that over time went to key heads of state and heads of religions throughout the world in three trips in the 1960's and established a school to teach the True Gospel of the Kingdom by revealing the proof in the Scriptures (L & P) and the fulfillment of them by Yahshua the Messiah. In keeping with the physical pointing to the spiritual (Romans 1:19&20), Dr. Kinley was a life insurance salesman in his physical life.

About 1994 a root of division/separation/dissension appeared in the IDMR which had always been there but until Dr. Kinley took off the flesh in January 1976 it had not blossomed into a full apostasy. He warned repeatedly, especially just before his decrease, that Satan would raise his head into the organization and that it was meant to be a test on those whom he had taught the Truth from His Divine Vision and Revelation but who had not understood it, had not gained from it a knowledge of the Gospel that makes one spiritually minded. He said we should keep what he taught us the same and not change it and also that we should keep in the "book" (Bible). Another thing he warned was to be aware of the times so as not to be surprised like "when a thief comes in the night" when we saw the end of the physical approaching. We are not to bury our heads in the sand like ostriches but to be Yahshua's Ambassadors to the world sounding the trumpet until the end while avoiding, as all good teachers should, being a stumbling block to the babes in Yahshua (they can only take in milk until sealed and then they can receive meat after their deliverance). Yahweh promised all would be revealed before the end of this age and its two dispensations. Especially, he said, to keep your eyes on the Middle East. Do not become involved, just be aware. He promised to shorten time so that the elect would not be deceived by Satan or else they would be. Repeatedly, Dr. Kinley said to assemblies that he was not our Savior, that he too had to be saved by Yahshua's sacrifice but the majority of IDMR is now worshiping a man, Dr. Kinley (openly or secretly), who himself said DO NOT DO THAT. Click here for free classes by teachers of the Gospel who revere Dr. Kinley's work but only worship Yahshua/Yahweh Elohim (John 17:3). We are the body, not the Head. Yahshua is our Boss. HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!!!!


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